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Lets get deep..



I’m Sarah - a twenty-something year old daughter, girlfriend, entrepreneur, and wedding videographer. My talents include: collecting stickers, kayaking, and eating as much chocolate as I can.

I'd rather be at your wedding than pretty much anywhere on earth (besides the beach..)


I love what I do & I can’t wait to turn your biggest moments into cinematic magic.


      I LOVE TO..

  • Take art classes

  • Sleep in until 10 or 11

  • Work on wedding videos till 1 am

  • Play and cuddle with my Cats

  • Spend time with my mom

  • Travel

  • Eat sweets after every meal

  • Kayak at the lake

  • Go to the movie theater to see the new blockbuster film

  • Host a family dinner for friends

  • To try new international dishes

  • Learn about new cultures and discuss politics with my Fiance.



Drake is the reason this business exists - he saw my desire to get into wedding videography and encouraged me to follow that dream!


He is selfless and kind and the reason I believe in love.


Drake and I met at Utah State University through a leadership conference and have been dating since 2018.


We plan on eloping somewhere in the next few years and do not have a date or time set.


      WE LOVE TO..

  • Watch movies we’ve never seen

  • Eat at new restaurants

  • Go camping

  • Participate in Fraternity events

  • Watch TikTok in bed

  • Make pasta and tacos from scratch

  • Ride our bikes

  • Play with dogs

  • Getting late night icecream

  • Host family dinner at our house

  • Send each other terrible Memes

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